NewsBlaze and 1stCounsel Collaborate To Deliver Legal and Law News

NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, NewsBlaze and 1stCounsel announced a collaboration to improve their legal and law news…

NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, NewsBlaze and 1stCounsel announced a collaboration to improve their legal and law news offerings by strategically partnering on news content creation and sharing.

1stCounsel will ramp up production of short form news content, as well as longer-form news stories, and display NewsBlaze headlines in the sidebar.

NewsBlaze long-form features, as now, will cover legal/law stories in more depth, with original reporting and analysis. An example of this is the recent story, «DOJ Finds Sloppy FBI Handling of 29 FISA Applications 

In addition, NewsBlaze will display 1stCounsel headlines in the Legal/Law category pages, to give readers a wider range of Legal/Law news.

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«We constantly work to improve our readers’ experience, whether it is covering issues they follow, or writing in-depth stories that give them a better understanding of what’s going on. Our editorial team works with investigative journalists and writers to ensure accuracy and truth, bringing forward interesting stories that readers appreciate,» said Sally Gray, NewsBlaze editor.

Published stories from both properties will be shared with NewsBlaze and 1stCounsel fans on relevant social media sites, and subscribers can receive notifications by email or SMS, depending on their personal preferences.

NewsBlaze and 1stCounsel are currently working on projects to upgrade server, web server and security infrastructure to further improve secure connections for readers, writers and editors on both sites. The joint project will speed page response times due to a combination of faster web server software, improved cache configuration, improved CDN, worldwide delivery network, and improved security. In addition, new faster hardware, operating system and more efficient system software will lighten server load, allowing much higher throughput. System security hardening, which has already served well over the past ten years also makes improvements that continue the great tradition of repelling transnational attacks that are so prevalent these days.

«NewsBlaze and 1stCounsel both contribute news items to our network and readers, who we really appreciate for believing in us. As part of our focus on reader experience, we’re making our platforms even more secure, more resilient and faster to load. When a recent COVID health-related story reached more than a million readers in just a few days, it stretched resources and slowed page loads once we hit 1000 pages per minute. A reconfiguration allowed us to handle 1500 pages per minute, and that’s when we decided to move to new infrastructure that can multiply deliverability for both properties,» said Alan Gray, NewsBlaze CEO.

About NewsBlaze

NewsBlaze was founded in 2004 as an independent online newspaper and information portal, forming relationships with other publishers and wire services. NewsBlaze covers broad topics of interest to readers worldwide, which has helped build a loyal, global following of readers, especially in Australia, North America, Europe and South Asia.

In addition, as the lead Syndicate Partner of the World City Press Network, NewsBlaze provides news, editing and content services, including news features, for the publishers that make up the World City Press Network. Visit to learn more.

NewsBlaze writers include long-time journalists who like what we do and help us to inform and entertain our readers. The Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the NewsBlaze news organization is Alan Gray.

Media contact: Alan Gray,, +1 775 241 8446

About 1stCounsel

1stCounsel was founded in 2002, when it acquired the legal email system from, as they transitioned from email to news. 1stCounsel’s news and other legal services were added later. 

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